Classic Army MKI M249 Support Gun AEG CA006M

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This Classic Army Airsoft version of the CA249 MKI is a beautiful rendition in 1 to 1 scale of an effective SAW used by the many Military and many PMC forces around the world.  
The original M249 light machine gun (LMG), previously designated the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW), is an American version of the Belgian Minimi, a light machine gun manufactured in Belgian. The weapon provides infantry squads with the heavy volume of fire of a machine gun combined with accuracy and portability approaching that of a rifle. 
One of the most notorious machine guns that has endured every U.S. conflict since Operation Desert Storm has made its way into Classic Army’s armory.  Praised for its extreme durability and firepower, the M249 CA006M is just as comparable on the airsoft field.  This AEG is a full-size replica built using full-metal furniture to ensure ruggedness. 

The Classic Army SAW series of airsoft rifles live up to the Classic Army reputation and come ready to withstand the abuse of the battlefield.  
Internally this weapon is just as sound as it is externally - the gearbox features 8mm steel bearings allowing for a smooth gear rotation adding to the speed at which it fires, all the gears are naturally extremely high
quality metal, with a metal toothed piston to help prevent any stripping.
This model is 11.1v lipo ready and includes a 300rd m4 mag, although has optional extras of 1200rd Rounds Electric Box to get the job done, swiftly, efficiently and without fault.

Features of Classic Army CA249 MK1 (CA006M)
- Easy Detachable Stock & Barrels Design
- Metal Feed Cover, Scope Mount Base Rail and Stock
- Metal Receiver, Barrel Iron Sights & Adjustable Heavy-duty Bi-pod with 3-Level Adjustable Height.
- Full Metal Advanced 8mm Bearing Gearbox with Version 2 internal parts Compatible
- Tough ABS Plastic grip and foregrip.

Model & SKU : CA249 MK1 (CA006M)
Length : 1045mm
Weight : 6.6kg unloaded. / 14.6lb
Battery Type : Small Type connector
Magazine Capacity : 300rd x 6mm
Materials : Metal and ABS
Colour : BK
FPS : Average 380 FPS
Gearbox Type : Advanced 8mm Bearing Bushing Gearbox
Shooting Mode : Full auto
Inner Barrel Length : 510mm
Outer Barrel threading : 14mm cw

Includes one pack of dummy rounds.

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