Knight's Armament Fully Licensed KAC Stoner LMG, Full Metal

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  • Knight's Armament Fully Licensed KAC Stoner LMG, Full Metal
  • Knight's Armament Fully Licensed KAC Stoner LMG, Full Metal


The Stoner LMG is a light machine gun system developed by Eugene Stoner and manufactured by Knight's Armament Company (KAC). It is also known as the KAC Stoner 96 LMG to differentiate it from the earlier Stoner 63 LMG and Ares Stoner 86 LMG it is derived from

The Stoner LMG is built by KAC as the lightest 5.56mm machine gun. It weighs 10 pounds with magazine and has a length of 35.25 inches. The Stoner LMG is belt-fed, gas operated, air-cooled, and fully automatic; firing at a rate of 550 rounds per minute.


•-CNC Aluminum Outer Barrels, Receivers and Rail Interface System.
•-Receiver & Rail Interface System
•-Aluminum Retractable Stock
•-Easy Detachable Stock & Barrels Design
•-Easy Spring Replacement Design For Gearbox
•-Full Metal Advanced 8mm Bearing Gearbox
•-Reinforced Uni-body Upper Receiver


•Build Material: Aluminum Alloy
•Gear Box: Custom Metal Gearbox
•Fire Mode: Full Auto
•Magazine Capacity: 1200 rds
•Length: 32.24 /35 inch
•Barrel Length: 410mm
•Battery: AK Stick Type, 8.4V, 7.4 Buffer Tube Lipo
•Muzzle Velocity (0.2g BB): 390-400 FPS
•Product Support: 30 Days Manufacturer Limited Warranty
•Inner Barrel Material: Brass
•Inner Barrel Length: 410mm
•Barrel ID: 6.05
•Magazines Included: Yes/Electric Box Magazine
•Magazine Capacity: 1200
•Magazine Type: BOX
•Recommended BB: Madbull/Echo1 .25
•Power source: Battery
•Battery and charger included: N/A
•Lithium Polymer (LiPo) Ready: 7.4v
•Battery Type: Mini Plug
•Battery Compartment: Gas Tube or PEQ
•Gearbox Type: Custom
•Bushing Size: 8mm Bearing
•Piston Body: Nylon
•Spring Rate M120
•Spring Guide: Quick Change / Bearing
•Piston Head: Alum. Ported
•Hop Up: M249
•Motor Type: Torque Long
•Gear Specs: Standard Ratio
*Wiring Harness: Custom
•Receiver Material: Aluminum Alloy
•Stock Type: Adjustable
•Sling Attachment: Stock Loop
•Front Sight: Fixed
•Rear Sight: Flip Up Rear Sight
•Battery Rate of Fire (Default Battery): N/A
•Battery Rate of Fire with 8.4v: 10
•Battery Rate of Fire with 9.6v: 11
•Battery Rate of Fire 11.1v Echo1 LiPo: 15
•Metal Specifics: Most of rifle
•Plastic Specifics: Pistol and Tac grip

** Please note that Battery and Charger are not included**
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