Onward, Upward and Looking to the Future...

Posted by ~Chel on 13th Sep 2019

Today, we are steadily working towards clearing up our backlogs of repairs and gun builds. Players are preparing for the winter season and so many games coming up...

SEP 20-22   Lion Claws - Operation IRENE   Perry, GA

SEP 28   Lion Claws - LCTC Mojave   Mojave, CA

OCT 5   Lion Claws - Operation Hac Bao   Mojave, CA

OCT 5-6   MiR Tactical - Joliet Prison Liberation 4   Joliet, IL

OCT 12-13   Command Decisions - Fulda Gap   Taylorsville, NC

OCT 18-19   Third Coast - Operation Starburst   Ft. Hood, TX

OCT 26   Lion Claws - Village of the Dead - A Town Full of Undead   Diamond V Movie Ranch

OCT 25-27   Centurion Milsim - La Contra   Picher, OK

NOV 1   Lion Claws - Operation Hell Fire   Chatham Mills, Elkin, NC

NOV 2-3   MiR Tactical - Colonies: A Post Apocalyptic Event    Romulus, NY

NOV 9-10   MiR Tactical - Goshen's Redemption Rise of the UAE   Barnwell, SC

NOV 10-11   Overwatch Tactics - Conquest of Avalon III   Waxahachie, TX

NOV 16   MindGame Productions - Wasteland 11   Ocala, FL

DEC 6-8   Doomsday - Operation Northern Watch   DeLand, FL

DEC 7   Lion Claws - Operation Narcos   Sanna Movie Ranch, Santa Clarita, CA

DEC 7-8   American Milsim - Reindeer Games XVIII   Ft. Hood, TX

We are open, hungry and ready to get working on your next dream build! Even if you aren't looking to drop serious coin on a build, we can totally rework your beast, clean her up and get her purring like that fiesty kitten she once was!