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Birdz Flyer Low Profile Goggle *Super Comfortable*

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  • Birdz Flyer Low Profile Goggle *Super Comfortable*
  • Birdz Flyer Low Profile Goggle *Super Comfortable*
  • Birdz Flyer Low Profile Goggle *Super Comfortable*


The Flyer goggles provide a snug, super seal fit thanks to the foamless rubber design.  The TPU rubber frame sits comfortably on your face to seal your eyes from wind and debris.   The antifog Flyer goggles provide indirect ventilation ensuring clear view at all times.  The Flyer goggles meet safety standards for industrial use.  Each pair comes with a removable RX adaptor; simply take the RX adaptor to your optometrist and have your prescription filled.  Yes, it is that easy!  Then insert the RX Adaptor back into the goggles and you now are no longer held hostage to prescription frames or over the glass styles of eyewear.  You too can now wear low profile goggles! The Flyer is available in clear, smoke and yellow tint lenses and now also in photochromic clear to smoke lenses.  

  • Comfortable TPU rubber material for all day wear
  • Shatterproof polycarbonate lenses provide maximum eye protection
  • Meets Z78.1+ standards for safety, for work and for play
  • UV400 filters eliminate the harmful UV rays of the sun
  • Antifog coatings guarantee unencumbered vision
  • Scratch resistant coatings protect the lenses from daily abuse
  • Indirect ventilation  
  • Foamless comfortable rubber seal   
  • Comfortable elastic strap assures a snug fit
  • Includes free microfiber pouch for cleaning and storage
  • Available in clear, smoke and yellow tint

What Are The General Requirements For ANSI Z87.1?

Since most people have never read the ANSI Z87.1 document, they may not fully understand what this certification covers. The ANSI Z87.1 certification helps in this effort by providing a certification system organized based on encountered hazards. This standard means the choice of safety eyewear revolves around what best represents the protection needed for the specific hazards encountered in the workplace.

The most common hazards include:

  • Blunt impact
  • Radiation
  • Splashes and droplets
  • Dust
  • Small dust particles
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