Unicorn Hop Up Bucking for AEG (various degrees)

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UNICORN AEG Hop Up Bucking

  • Increase the inverted V positioning so that the BB can increase friction and center positioning so that the BB can fly more accurately and farther.
  • The specially formulated NBR rubber material is not easy to absorb lubricating oil, and it is not easy to generate high temperature due to friction to cause HOP skin to expand, and the durability is improved, which is more suitable for the use of AIRSOFT.
  • Suitable for all AEG
Item Description
UC-HOP-A50 UNICORN AEG 50 degree Hop Up Bucking
UC-HOP-A60 UNICORN AEG 60 degree Hop Up Bucking
UC-HOP-A70 UNICORN AEG 70 degree Hop Up Bucking
UC-HOP-A80 UNICORN AEG 80 degree Hop Up Bucking

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