PTS GoGun SuperComp Talon Flash Hoder, CCW GG005490300

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  • PTS GoGun SuperComp Talon Flash Hoder, CCW  GG005490300
  • PTS GoGun SuperComp Talon Flash Hoder, CCW  GG005490300


PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONDISCLAIMER: THIS PRODUCT IS FOR AIRSOFT, TRAINING AND STIMULATION ONLY. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS PRODUCT IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH REAL FIREARMS. USERS SHOULD BE ALERT THAT AIRSOFT PRODUCTS ARE POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS WHICH CAN CAUSE SERIOUS INJURY AND EVEN DEATH.  IF USER MISUSED THIS PRODUCT, PTS WILL NOT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY ACCORDINGLY.The GoGun® SuperComps® are among beefiest and the most effective muzzle brakes on the market. They come in a "Talon" version with aggressive looking "breacher" spikes and "No Talon" versions.PTS GoGun® replica muzzle brakes are the highest quality and most accurate replicas on the market. They are made from heat treated steel or aluminum alloy with a scratch and blemish resistant parkerized or black oxide finish. A crush washer and shim kit are included to ensure proper alignment of the muzzle device onto your airsoft rifle.About GoGun® USAGoGun® USA is an accessory company founded by competition shooters that produces products that maximize rapid accuracy and pointability of weapons to create an extremely competitive advantage in speed shooting whether for competition or tactical purposes.Remark: These airsoft product is manufactured under authorized GoGun® USA license. GoGun®USA logo and brand names are trademarks of GoGun® USA in the United States and/or other countries.
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