Titan V2 ADVANCED Firmware Drop-In Programmable Mosfet, Rear Wired TTN2-AR

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GATE Control Station™
TITAN and GATE Control Station give you total control of your AEG. The GCS offers you the option to:

control your airsoft gun from smartphone with Android and PC with Windows or macOS
simply adjust the TITAN’s settings
update and upgrade firmware
see the Statistics and participate in Rankings*
perform diagnostics and send reports

*only in case of Advanced firmware

TITAN gives you the option to adjust:

Fire selector mode
Pre-cocking mode
Pre-cocking boost
Burst mode
ROF Stabilization
ROF Control
Sniper Delay

Battery protection
Battery cell
Low battery warning
30-rounds limit
Cycle detection
Equalizer (dynamic trigger point)
Active Brake
Gear ratio

Please note that the BASIC firmware edition does not support all the functions

TITAN gives you the option to check:

Rate of fire
Trigger response
Module's temperature
Motor current
Battery voltage
Number of fired BBs

Minimum, Average, Maximum
Minimum, Average, Maximum
Minimum, At this moment, Maximum
Average AUTO, Average SEMI, MAX PEAK
Minimum, Last, Maximum

Please note that the BASIC firmware edition does not support the Statistics

The TITAN is currently available in two firmware editions: BASIC and ADVANCED. In the future, the EXPERT edition will be also available. The
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